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Home And Content Insurance

Home And Contents Insurance—Australia, which offers various solutions for homeowners, landlords, and renters, makes you understand what you’re protected for. Keep your house and everything in it covered with the insurance solutions we offer and rest easy knowing you’re secured.

How we can help you

home insurance

Home Insurance

We’ll help you ensure your home against various risks, including fire, lightning, and water damage.

renters insurance

Renters Insurance

Our renter’s insurance includes three categories of coverage: private possessions, liabilities, and supplementary living costs.

What You Need to Know about Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance covers your belongings at home against damage or loss caused by floods, fire, or theft.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance includes coverage for your building, valuables, landlord liability, accidental damage and alternative housing.

A Guide for Novices on Home and Property Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance

Be at peace because our comprehensive home and content insurance got your back when anything happens.

5 Key Tips for Every New Homeowner

Holiday Rental Insurance

Protect your property against the risks of leasing it and keeping it unoccupied for lengthy periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home And Contents Insurance—Australia makes it simple to insure your house and contents: Request a quotation and apply for coverage if you like what we offer.

Although it’s not required by law, your conveyancer or lawyer will typically advise you to insure your house or investment property when you receive a signed purchase contract from the seller.

No, the existing insurance coverage cannot be transferred to a different owner when a house is sold; the new owner must obtain their own policy for the residence.

We can help you estimate the cost of replacing your house and possessions – the ‘sums insured’ – if they are completely destroyed, as in the case of a fire.