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Homeowners Insurance Agents

Understand your homeowner insurance agent gives you the security that you are working with the right person for the protection of your home. It also assures you that you are getting the right insurance for your home and are making the most of the value it provides.

Just as how your home insurance should provide you peace of mind, your agent should also provide you with the same trust and reliance in times of need.

2 Types of Homeowners Insurance Agents

Captive Agents

These agents work for a specific insurance company. They would know the in-depth knowledge, although a limited array of products offered by the company they represent. You can also have the security that they have the company back office’s support to help you with your purchases and claims.

Independent Agents

These elf-employed agents represent a variety of companies. They have a wider range of products and options to offer and more flexibility in prices.

The two quickest ways of getting an agent are:

Personal Recommendations

If you have friends or relatives around the area, you can ask them of which agents they chose and would recommend. You can also check other testimonies of solid product knowledge, price competitiveness, excellence in service and reliability. Your real estate agent may also be able to provide you with recommendations.

State Insurance Departments

Information about all licensed insurance companies and agents is available online. Check your insurance departments for these data and know if there are any complaint records.

Knowing what your homeowner insurance agents need and can do for you will give you an understanding of how you can be protected and how every policy differs from the other. Having an agent who understands what you need and what will best work for you can benefit you in the long run.

You should eventually realize that having the right policy does not necessarily mean you have to spend so much nor does it mean having the lowest price.

Getting the right policy would mean taking the best options tailored to your situation.