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Real Estate Agents: Finding the Perfect Salesperson

Real estate agents, both residential and commercial, are in high demand in today’s market. This article was developed to assist and expand on that fact.

Finding the right real estate agent is the beginning of the process of selling or buying a property. In commercial brokerage, we watch and track all of the agents that work with our clients, as well as the quality of service, listings, and conversions to successful transactions. The commercial real estate industry is far more complex and varied than the residential market. There can be differences in property type, property performance, and rental types.

When you are employing a salesperson to work with you, it is very wise to work with staff and team players that bring the right levels of skill and experience to the job.

  • What are their levels of service?
  • Do they bring the levels of trust and professionalism to you as part of the team?
  • Are they top performers when it comes to closing your listings at the right time and at the best prices?
  • Do they market themselves to the right people in the right ways?
  • In what way will they communicate with you? Are they providing you with the service that you require, or are they merely acting like everybody else in your marketplace?
  • Have they consistently built their networking and skill base around the industry and done what it takes to get ahead?
  • What level of effort do they apply to your listings and property both on a daily basis and also at the personal level?
  • How will they “break” into the market each day? 

This will usually be similar to your staff in that they will be developing fresh connections with the right people in the local area. The key issues here will include face to face meetings, door knocking, networking and direct calling. Your tracker will usually be that these calls and meetings occur on the dot every day and that the conversions to transactions take place on the dot every day.

What is your provider and how are they supporting you in the property industry?

The best salespeople are in a state of balance between the two facets and most particularly in the balance between themselves and their variations. This is where the career of a salesperson is built. It is a career choice that should be based on skills and strategies.

In your business, you will have working or support staff that really do bring better levels of skill to the tasks and projects that you require. In this situation, you have a choice between the best staff and the best salespeople. When they are poorly functioning and not providing written reports requiring you to sign off and then update, you know it’s time to change.

What is your monitoring mechanism for employees and the sales team?

Successful real estate salespeople keep on task, are on task at the agreed times, have positive relationships, make accurate decisions, and drill down on the facts with a strong focus on the task at hand.

Through all the chaos and demands of running a sales and leasing team, it is the sales manager that maintains the momentum of the program and its progress.

An over-cable successful sales manager should also be consistently providing outstanding service and commitment to you, your clients, customers, and prospects. You need a sales manager that is enthusiastic, positive, and makes you feel confident in their ability to move and progress with the listings and the properties for sale or for lease. It’s a personal thing and not something that the real estate agent is about.

When you select a top agent, they are likely to be bringing their Aussie system and confidence to the job. They should also be tapping into the needs of the target market in a consistent way. If the figures show that they are improving their 666% conversion in commissions for the latest marketing campaign, then you know that they are going to make the task for you in selling or leasing.

Market by the hand to hand basis

Over-the-phone calls with potential prospects

Contact and cold calling each lead on a daily basis

Servicing clients to the fullest of their capabilities.